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Meet Angel

Great design follows passion and creativity. Angel's journey into the world of design was an unconventional one. With a background in civil engineering, she discovered her true calling in the seamless fusion of creativity and functionality that interior design offers. This diverse background has gifted her with a keen eye for detail, a flair for problem-solving, and a dedication to precision—all of which are instrumental in sculpting exceptional spaces.

Angel's design philosophy is deeply influenced by her experiences living in and visiting multiple countries. This global perspective infuses her work, allowing her to weave together elements from around the world, creating spaces that reflect a  harmonious blend of influences.

Timeless design is the cornerstone of every Angel Varghese Design project. It's about crafting spaces that transcend trends and time, spaces that feel just as relevant and inviting years from now as they do today. Whether it's through embracing classic design principles or infusing a modern or contemporary twist, we believe in creating enduring beauty that stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful curation. 

"Each project is an immersive collaboration, a journey where ideas flourish and transform into captivating realities. Join us as we embark on a creative odyssey, where every space becomes a canvas for storytelling, emotions, and the celebration of individuality".

Angel  Varghese

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